Email Settings

One of the main feature of Re:Desk is an availability to fetch your emails from any public services (like Gmail, AOL, etc.) or private SMTP and IMAP servers and create tickets automatically.

To get this opportunity you should configure your email settings at "Your HelpDesk -> Settings -> Email" . You'll have to make sure that you configure your settings properly before you can start working on tickets. Re:Desk will automatically fetch new emails from specified email address and create new tickets with messages.

Quick guide to configure a custom email

  • Login to your support portal as an administrator.
  • Go to the Settings -> Email section.
  • Find the Email system selectbox and choose the email provider with which your help desk will work and almost all the fields on email settings page will be pre-filled. Or choose "Custom" value if you did not find your email service provider in the list and fill out all fields manually (in this case contact your email hosting provider to know imap/smtp port and servers). The following screenshot shows the Gmail pre-filled settings:
    Email Settings
  • Enter your support email address in the E-mail address field and password to the E-mail password field.
  • Click "Save" button and after that "Check email connection" button to see if your connection is successful.

Now your support help desk will collect all the messages from this specified email address and place them as tickets.

External email accounts

You can set up additional email addresses in the Settings -> External email accounts section to collect the messages from them. This feature allows you to connect multi sites (or multi-vendor stores) to your help desk or assign additional email address to a specified department.