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Multi-vendor Help Desk Software Addon for marketplace


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Customer Help Desk for Multivendor

Ticket order details and customer recent orders per vendors

Re:Desk help desk shows order details and and order ID in ticket subject when customer contacted you through your Marketplace vendor store.

Support Help Desk for Multi-vendor

Automatic help desk account creation for vendor

Vendor account is automatically created in help desk while you create it in Multi-vendor store.

Help Desk for Marketplace store

Contact vendor form

All messages converts to help desk tickets and is automatically sent to appropriate vendor with order subject and details.

Free service: our specialist will install addon to your store and set up help desk/email settings absolutely for free. Just contact us.


For Re:Desk Local

In case you installed help desk on your server
  • Multi-Vendor v4.x.x - v4.2.x cloud addon Download
  • Multi-Vendor v4.x.x - v4.2.x local addon Download


This module connects your Multi-vendor on-line store on CS-Cart engine with Re:Desk customer help desk ticketing system and make the communication of your vendors and customers clear, convenient and easy.


  1. New! Organize communication of vendors with customers through CS-Cart marketplace shop and Re:Desk support system. Owner of Multivendor marketplace sees all tickets of all vendors. Vendor sees only his tickets.
  2. New! Vendor account is automatically created in help desk while you create it in CS-Cart Multi-vendor store. All notifications are sent to vendor email address.
  3. Shows orders and order details, such as status, billing, shipping, and order information.
  4. New! Includes the integration of Multivendor CS-Cart contact form which contains the Vendors field you created in Re:Desk (departments). So, all the messages posted via this form will directly sent to a certain vendor automatically.
  5. New! Customer contacts you through the order details page or "Contact Vendor" button. All messages converts to help desk tickets and is automatically sent to appropriate vendor with order subject and details.
  6. New! Orders communication through customer support system.
  7. New! "Ask a Question" button product page.
  8. New! Ability to organize so-called Private Messaging of your vendors vs customers. Only owner of Multivendor marketplace will see full vendors and customers contact details in help desk.
  9. Simple and intuitive interface without overloaded features.
  10. All general and e-commerce features described here.

Installation Instructions

1. Backup all the files and database of your Multivendor CS-Cart store before any changing.

2. Login to your Multi-vendor administration panel.

3. Go to “Addons" tab and click the "Upload & Install add-on" ("+") button on the top right.

4. Select the zip archive file you downloaded from here using the browse button "Local" and hit the "Upload & Install" button.

5. Click "Browse all available add-ons" tab and click "Install" button against the "Re:Desk Connection" name. The addon now installed and you only need to place API key to its settings as described below.

Installation Instructions for Multivendor CS-Cart v2.x-3.x

Connection Re:Desk to CS-Cart

1. Register a free account OR download help desk software and get the link to your own help desk system.

2. Go to "Add-ons -> Manage Add-ons" section of your CS-Cart admin area, find installed "Re:Desk Connection" module and click to its "Settings" button.

3. Go to the “Settings -> General” section of your Re:Desk Helpdesk admin area and copy the “api key” field value to clipboard. If there is no any value, enter any text and numbers there (for example, "4jfn49EFdns9"), save the settings and copy this new value to clipboard.

4. Enter this code (you copied from Re:Desk API key) to the "API key" field of CS-Cart addon settings page and click the "Save" button. Now you connected the Re:Desk help desk system to your CS-Cart store.

5. ONLY FOR RE:DESK LOCAL (not cloud) - Place your help desk link to the "Re:Desk URL:" field of addon settings page. For example, if you installed Re:Desk to the "", place this link to the field.

6. Now you need to proceed to the email settings step for Re:Desk to get full featured customer help desk solution for your online store.

Contact Form

A special contact from is provided with the module to direct the customer requests right to specified departments. Use the following link to use this form:

If the Re:Desk connection add-on is configured correctly, all the customer requests will be posted directly to your Re:Desk help desk.


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