Refund Policy

This policy governs your purchase of the software and services through the website and its subdomains. Please read it carefully as it sets out your rights with respect to your purchases, including important limitations and exclusions. Your placement of an order constitutes your agreement that this policy applies to the order.

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase of the software or services, you can get your money back upon the terms and conditions below. However, we believe that most of refunds can be avoided if you get professional assistance from our qualified staff.

Refund Conditions

Re:Desk software (any edition)

You have the unconditional right to claim and receive a full refund for the software within 30 days following the day of your purchase. No refund will be available after this refund period is over. The refund may apply only to the primary (first) license bought through the website or any of its subdomains, except the ones obtained for illegal Re:Desk installations. If you own more than one license, no refund will be available. Your money may be refunded only once. If you buy another Re:Desk license at a later time, this will not be subject to a refund request. Any purchase of the software at a discounted price is non-refundable.

Software installation service

The cost of the installation service will be refunded in full as long as (a) the engineer has not started the installation process before the claim is received, or (b) the client's server does not meet the system requirements and the installation cannot be performed.

Software upgrade subscription


If the refund is granted, the user must remove all Re:Desk Software or any of its derivatives and must not use the software unless another license is purchased.