Re:Desk 2.0.1 Changelog

[+] Added translation system
[+] Email templates added
[+] Email accounts
[+] Added new access property - view customer data
[+] Added auto saving message in input field
[+] Added noticifation setting about new tickets and messages in user profile
[+] Added custom timezones
[+] Staff working time added
[+] Share ticket feature
[*] Confirmation message on actions
[*] Performance improving on tickets page
[*] Email parsing refactoring
[*] Text quoting
[*] Ping pong issue fixed
[*] Update yii version to latest one
[*] Added yiilite instead full version
[*] Added cache for user favorites
[*] Improved installation process
[*] Autologin after installation
[*] Added enable/disable autoresponse feature
[*] Added ordering by date for recent images
[*] Added products to ecommerce integration
[!] Fix php 5.4 issue on tickets page
[!] Fix this twice fired Yii->end
[!] Fix empty category assign on ticket creating
[!] Summary page layout/text fxing
[!] IE layout fix
[!] Styles fixing. Text changing.
[!] Fix url parsing in ticket message
[!] Recent images list fixing
[!] Moble styles fixing